Hard Drive Based Storage

NVerizon's TeraStore nearline storage archive systems present an affordable, compact, scalable rack-montable storage option that's ideal for the growing content storage needs of broadcasters today. With 3RU (12 drives), 4RU (16 drives), 5RU (24 drives), and 9RU (48 drives) configurations available, NVerzion has a disk-based storage options that's perfect for any environment. The new TeraStore-113T can store a whopping 5,000 hours of HD video!

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The network based, RAID protected storage systems offer maximum flexibility at an affordable price – and they're fully extensible by adding TeraStore boxes to any existing gigabit network. NVerzion's XPansion storage management software suite is the perfect complement to the TeraStore system, providing a fully integrated control platform to quickly retrieve and manage media between all of your network-connected devices.

TeraStore Datasheet

Faster-than-real-time data transfers Quickly retrieve and manage video assets
Configurable encode rates Redundant power supplies and fans, dual mirrored OS drives complement a host of system failure protection features
Easily expandable No media or robots to slow transfer times
Convenient internal DVD/RW drive for optical file copies