Storage Management Software

XPansion is NVerzion's distributive storage management solution for nearline storage and long-term archive requirements. Offering the power and flexibility to catalog, search, and retrieve large amounts of data for internal previewing, editing, and resource management, XPansion is a reliable, fast, and simple to use archive control tool.

XPansion lies at the core of a communication network that allows an unlimited number of people to share and exchange digital content ─ quickly and efficiently managing assets locally or globally.

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The distributive storage architecture enables a “produce once, publish everywhere” scheme that saves time, reduces the potential for errors and opens up revenue opportunities. It also offers no single point of failure and connects seamlessly with NVerzion's suite of automation products, opening the door to a simple, open system that includes data acquisition tools, data archive equipment, and search mechanisms.

XPansion is a powerful part of any automation system and interfaces with asset management solutions from most manufacturers. Click here for more information about NVerzion's own hard-drive based storage solution, TeraStore

XPansion Datasheet

Standardized interface and protocol between any number of digital storage devices Easily enables transition to, and addition of, new distribution channels
Simple, intuitive peer-to-peer design Produce once – publish everywhere
Supports all major video server brands No single point of failure
Flexible and configurable file migration management Seamlessly connects with NVerzion's automation products and other VACP-compliant systems